Your Physiotherapy Consultation

Physiotherapists are experts in human movement and assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain. Physiotherapy is based on both scientific research and principles and is endorsed by the medical profession. Your Physiotherapists are John Buchanan and Ramneet Shergill.

We have a special interest in..

  • back and neck pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • sports and occupational injuries
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • KineticLink Training (KLT)
  • muscle and joint injuries
  • women’s pre and post natal health
  • clinical pilates
  • GLA:D Australia Program – oesteoarthritis

Your first visit

On your first visit, a thorough assessment of your condition is conducted. This allows the physiotherapist to determine the most efficient and appropriate treatment program for you. This is tailored specifically to your goals and needs. We also frequently treat joint disorders such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Our treatments may include..

  • joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • soft tissue therapy
  • stretching and strengthening exercises
  • the use of electromedical equipment, such as TENS machines
  • dry-needling techniques
  • Pilates exercises
  • Real Time ultrasound
  • taping
  • prescription of braces, splints or other devices.


Referrals For Physiotherapy

  • NO referral is necessary with the exception of Veterans Affairs and Medicare schemes

Your Physiotherapists

See About for details on our Physiotherapists

  • All our Physiotherapists treat musculoskeletal conditions.   In addition, Ramneet Shargill has expertise in women’s health, treating pre-natal, post-natal and pelvic floor rehabilitation.      

Referrals for you by Physiotherapists

  • Physiotherapists at our clinic can refer clients for X-rays and scans.
  • Physiotherapists can refer clients to Specialist Sports Physicians if required.

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