Clinical Pilates

Pilates exercises are non-impact and emphasize the smooth control, balance and co-ordination of muscle groups. The exercises improve muscle strength and tone and also focus on training the postural and core-stabilising muscles.

Clinical Pilates treatments and group exercises:

  • improve fitness and muscle tone in a fun, supportive, social environment
  • assist in the prevention of injury
  • provide rehabilitation to recover from an injury with individual programs

Clinical Pilates group exercises – How can I get started?

After a one-on-one consultation with our physiotherapist, you will be able to join a class commensurate with your ability. These classes have a maximum of four participants and are supervised and guided by our physiotherapist at all times. Group exercises run every day, please call to check availability.

Please bring a small towel and socks.  Pilates socks are available at reception.  Please ensure you book into a class as spaces fill up fast!

Pilates group exercise are $45, for 60 minutes.  This amount is able to be claimed through private health insurers, for patient’s with ‘extras’. A pack of ten Pilates can be purchased for $400, a $50 saving!

Please call (03) 9846 1111 to check availability.

Clinical Pilates. Who is it for? How can it help me?

Clinical Pilates treatments with a Physio benefit people with:

  • lower back, neck or shoulder pain
  • rehabilitation post surgery
  • pelvic floor conditions,
  • occupation-specific strength training needs
  • preventative strength training needs
  • sports injuries

Clinical Pilates is a safe and effective way for everyone to improve their physical fitness, muscle strength and tone as well as posture.

How does Clinical Pilates work?

Frequently, the cause of back pain and injury is the incorrect timing and contraction of deep core stabilising muscles.  After a thorough assessment, our physiotherapists will help you to identify the correct muscles to contract, and when to contract them, so that the back is more supported and stabilised, thus preventing further injury.

Clinical Pilates treatments - What's involved? How much does it cost?

After a thorough examination you will be given a set of exercises to practice under physio guidance, and then at home.  Exercises on the reformer and trapeze table will be given as your strength and expertise increases.  Treatments are the same cost as physiotherapy treatments.

What training do Physiotherapists have to provide Clinical Pilates treatment or classes?

Physiotherapists John and Ramneet have completed the highest level of Clinical Pilates training through DMA Clinical Pilates. They are experts in the use of Clinical Pilates techniques in rehabilitation of all sports injuries and rehabilitation.

What is Pilates?
Joseph Pilates first developed this form of body conditioning exercise in the 1900’s. The Pilates method has since been further developed by physiotherapists based on the findings of scientific research.

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